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Restricted Key Systems

All Secure Locksmiths Restricted Keys

All Secure Locksmiths Melbourne is certified and authorised to to create registered key systems for any location. We have over 20 years’ experience designing and installing key systems for commercial and residential applications and have the knowledge to change locks and rekey locks if required.

Restricted key systems are the ultimate in high security and will ensure your keys will never be copied without authorisation. Whether you require a system for one building or an entire multi-level complex, we can create this specialised key system to suit your office requirements and budget.

Benefits of Restricted Key Systems

There are many security benefits of restricted key systems – here are a few:

✓ Highly Pick-Resistant
Our restricted keys have a patented design with complex features that make it highly pick-resistant.
✓ Registered, patented keyway
The patented design ensures nobody else can manufacture the key blanks until after 2025. Even then, the keys are registered and nobody else can legally make a key copies. We can make copies and only with your permission and verification.
✓ Customised lock configurations
We can customise keys so that each key can open a different set of locks. For instance, each key could be configured to open the front door to the building and only the office for that particular person.
✓ Coloured Inserts Available
With coloured inserts, you can easily identify which keys work on which locks.
✓ Range of Cylinders
There are many types of cylinders available for different purposes that suit both commercial and residential applications.
✓ Highest Quality
Our restricted key solutions are manufactured to the highest quality, meeting or exceeding all applicable Australian standards.

Appropriate written authorisation is required, ensuring you have control over the copying and distribution of restricted keys. The number of restricted keys cut is also recorded for added security measures.

Additional Safe and Locksmith Services

All Secure Locksmiths can undertake commercial and residential locksmith services of any nature. Whether you need us to change locks, repair safes or rekey locks, we will handle all of your locksmith needs.

We provide reliable, friendly commercial and residential locksmith services across all of Melbourne’s suburbs.

For detailed information on our additional services and a free quote or advice, please contact us.