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Locksmith Bundoora

A padlockWhen most people think of locksmiths, the immediate thought that comes to mind is of an emergency service, such as when a lock becomes damaged to the point of being non-functional. However, opening locks and fixing them isn’t the only service you can get from a locksmith!

With All Secure Locksmiths, Bundoora residents can create an area in their own home that is totally secure against burglary and theft. How? With a safe, of course!

Safes aren’t just for banks and businesses; there is plenty of use for them in a residential setting, too. Whether you want to store valuables such as jewellery or coinage, or you want a fireproof place to secure important papers and documents, All Secure Locksmiths can outfit your home with an appropriate safe. We install, repair, and service safes of all kinds.

Skip the hassle of keeping a safety deposit box at the bank. Why put your items in someone else’s hands when you keep an eye on them right at home? From floor safes to wall safes with digital keypads or combination locks, we are a professional and courteous safe locksmith Bundoora can trust.

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All Secure Locksmiths Gives Bundoora Easy Access to Sturdy Safes

A key inside a lockHaving a safe installed in your home isn’t an easy do-it-yourself job. Not only are the units heavy, but they will need to be properly set up so you can access your valuables. All Secure offers a Bundoora locksmith service that will leave their homes with a guaranteed safe space.

What kind of safe do you want in your home? There are two types, floor and wall, and both have their advantages.

Floor safes can be easily concealed beneath rugs and aren’t easy to spot without knowing their location. Wall safes can be larger and afford easier access versus stooping to reach a floor safe.

Whichever you choose, you will receive an Australia-made CMI safe built to last. Our Bundoora locksmiths will ensure that there are adequate waterproofing and reinforcement during installation in order to prevent any issues from occurring.

Made of heavy-duty steel resistant to drills and torches, our safes will protect your valuables from even the most determined burglars. We offer additional options for digital keypads in lieu of a combination lock, and can even outfit your safe with a deposit chute.

Our comprehensive service and focus on providing you with an excellent experience should make us your locksmiths of choice!

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Lock Yourself Out of Your Safe? We Can Help

Installation isn’t the only thing our experienced locksmiths can do. Have you forgotten how to get into your safe? Does it require servicing or repairs? We offer those services, too.

We’ll get you back inside or complete the repairs you need right away. When you call upon us, we keep the appointments we set. We even offer a courtesy call to let you know when a locksmith is on the way.

Whether you want to find out more about safes or you need other locksmith services, please give us a call on 03 9306 6760 or 0421149760.