How to Secure a Fire Exit Door

Fire Exit Sign

A common problem we see in Locksmithing involves Fire Exit doors in commercial properties. For good reason, legislation exists to protect us in emergency situations. If you have ever noticed a green EXIT sign, or green sign above a door it will correspond to a planned exit point for that building.

The problem when it comes to security for exit doors is that the action required to exit the building through that point has to be one handed and one motion. This allows for people of differing ages and abilities to be able to get out in an emergency easily. This prevents us as locksmiths from being able to install anything that prevents one handed egress.

So the question for a business owner becomes, how can I protect my business from thieves, and still uphold the integrity of my exit doors to ensure my employees and customers can get out in any situation.

If your door opens outwards (that is, away from the building) then a blocker plate can be installed around the lock latch or bolt, in order to protect it from levering and jimmying of the lock. This is the first point of security for an exit door, and should always be installed when practical. For open in doors (opening arc goes inside the building) blocker plates can not be installed as they would prevent the door from opening in.

Glass is always a problem on exit doors and are found quite commonly in Industrial Estates and on newer commercial factories and buildings. Business owners always ask us the question, how can I stop someone from smashing the glass and reaching their hand in to open the door with the exit handle. The answer is that you can not without installing another door without glass.

If this is impractical, then you can install a blocker plate to protect the lock from outside and provide additional security to the area. This can be achieved through lighting first and foremost to deter criminals from working on the door in plain sight and with CCTV and Security systems both internally and externally to the building.

To provide security advice such as this, in Victoria we must possess a security licence through application with the Victorian police. Not only do we have personal licences, but also maintain a company licence which not only allows us to come out and provide you with information, but also to install any equipment or locking devices legally and to a professional standard. We are a one stop shop when it comes to security, and would love to have the chance to impress you with our phone service and manner. We can be reached from 7AM until 10PM Monday-Sunday on our mobile number 0421 149 760, or can be emailed on